Who is that guy?

Film junkie, sports fanatic, hip hop lover, generalist, addicted to ‘drop’.

I have always found it fascinating that a good story inspires and touches people, but a great story changes the way we see the world. No wonder I wanted to become a journalist in my early teens. Living a thrilling life filled with adventure, I would see myself traveling the world and covering the most remarkable stories.

Not less fascinating are our planet and the people on it. There is beauty all around us and it’s much worth cherishing. Aware of the impact brands can have I decided to sell the shares in my company and dedicate more time on contributing to positive change.

Although life took some turns and I didn’t end up being a journalist I can happily say that I am in the right place. After all, what’s better than telling stories ánd doing good?

Let the good things grow 🌱

Raoul Oei